Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow on Wednesday

We are supposed to be getting some snow tomorrow, Wednesday December 2 and I can't wait. I have been waiting for the cold weather for over a month now. A lot of lakes that I like to fish have been closed due to hunting. Most of them are now done with the hunting season but don't open to fishing until the ice comes in. This is an unbearable situation for those of us who could fish every chance we get. We had a very mild summer in my part of the country, I don't believe I ran the air conditioner in the month of August at all. Very very unusual. So I was thinking that because of the mild summer we were in for a very brutal winter. I also thought winter might come early. Shows you what I know. Next to nothing when it comes to weather. But I am still hoping for a very cold winter as I can't wait to go ice fishing. We have been having below freezing temperatures overnight for the past couple of weeks, and the other morning I had a thin sheet of ice in my minnow bucket. So here's hoping for a prolonged cold snap and soon, I am getting anxious to get on the ice.

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