Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ice is Getting There

So today I went to check out the ice conditions on my favorite lake. I didn't have high hopes as we had warmer weather this past week as well as some rain. Nothing kills the ice like rain. I was pleasantly surprised to find 3 inches of ice on the lake. There is a thin sheet of ice over the initial sheet of ice and it gives when you walk on it so it doesn't feel to safe yet. Another good inch of ice will make me feel better. It's not a good feeling when you walk on the ice and it gives a bit. Kinda scares you. Anyway it supposed to be a tiny bit colder here during the Christmas week, so I am hoping against hope to be able to go ice fishing before the kids go back to school after New Years. My husband got the ice auger out today and the blades need shimming and sharpening. We took the auger with us to check the ice and I'm glad we did. Now we know what needs fixing. Better to know before the actual ice fishing trip because he can really work up a sweat when the auger is not sharp enough. So it was a trip well worth it. I am hoping the next time I post I can brag about all the fish I caught through the ice. Until next time, tata.

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