Friday, December 11, 2009

I went to one of the little spots that I like to fish yesterday. I wanted to check the ice situation. Much to my surprise I found the entire area ice over. The ice is about 2 inches thick and is almost walkable but not quite fishable yet. We need another 2 inches of ice to safely fish it. It hasn't been above freezing in a couple of days now and won't be for a couple of more. So looks like I will be ice fishing in a week or so. It's great news as I need to get some fresh fish into my diet. I hate to buy fish from the store because you just never know how fresh it really is. I rather be absolutely sure as to how fresh the fish I am eating is. Fish out of the ice is very very good. The meat is much firmer than when you get fish from warmer waters. I really enjoy ice fishing and one of the reasons is the firm fresh fish I get to eat. Just throw your catch onto the ice and you are good to go. No bringing an extra cooler full of ice to keep your catch fresh. Happy fishing all.

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