Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here Comes The Ice

I do believe the winter has finally come in my area. And it's about time. 2 days ago I drove past a lake in Indiana and it was open water. The very next day I drove past it again, the road I was on goes right through the middle of the lake, and the shallow end was iced over. The deeper end had some ice over along the edges. The temperature around here for the past week has been in the very low 20's overnight and a few of the days it didn't get over freezing. This is great, because I have promised a few kids I know that I would take them ice fishing and to do this over their Christmas vacation would be perfect. I used to coach and run a kids bowling league and some of the kids are fishermen as I am and I have promised to take them fishing. Not all of them are interested in ice fishing but 3 of them in particular are very interested and have never been ice fishing. I would love to give them the experience. Nothing better than to see a smile on a kids face. Oddly enough I have 2 sons who are in their late teens and basically they want nothing to do with fishing of any kind. I thought having sons would improve my chances of my kids liking the fishing, camping and hiking that myself and husband love to do. They like the hiking thing but I think we shoved fishing down their throats to much resulting in a huge dislike for the sport. Oh well what are you going to do. So needless to say I am watching the weather and ice conditions with bated breath hoping for solid ice by Christmas vacation time.

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