Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ice Fishing Shelters

An Ice Fishing Shelter is a wonderful addition to your ice fishing trip. When the winds are blowing and it's below freezing it's great to be able to go inside your shelter and get out of the weather. There are many kinds of shelters, I have one that fits inside a pack for easy storage and carrying. It sets up in minutes and comes with four spikes to drive into the ice at all four corners. When the wind is blowing hard these are invaluable to keep the shelter where you want it. Some shelters come already attached to a sled for easy transport and set up. There are also some shelters that have built in seats and floors with holes in the floor so you can position the shelter over the holes you have cut into the ice. There are one man shelters and 2 or more man shelters. There are shelters to meet almost any need. In the northern states they even have wooden shelters that remain on the ice the entire ice fishing season. Add a heater to the mix along with a thermos of coffee or your favorite hot chocolate and you can have a wonderful and warm trip onto the ice. Happy fishing.

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