Friday, November 20, 2009

Waiting for the Ice

So about a week ago my husband and I went fishing at the river near our house. It was a beautiful day but we didn't catch a thing. The weather had been cold then warm and that turns off the fish. Most of our favorite lakes close for hunting and then don't reopen until the ice comes in. And I can't wait. I love to ice fish and even more than that I love to eat the fish that comes out of the cold water. The meat is firmer than the fish that come out of warmer waters. So in the meantime I will get out all my ice fishing stuff and check it all over to make sure the lines are good and such. Fill up my heater for the ice shelter and make sure my boots are good. I just bought some really good warm socks and for me that's real important cos my feet get so darn cold. They are wool socks so I'm hoping that they work. I have to try new socks every winter because of my feet. The heater helps though I can take off my boots and lay my ice cold feet on the heater and it's like heaven.

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