Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WooHoo I went fishing today!!!

The last 2 days it has gotten into the 60's. Very very nice. I just had to get out and wet a line. And what a good time my husband and I had. I caught 6 crappie. The 2 largest were 10 and a half and 10 inches. Chunky little fellas. I also caught a small largemouth bass about 13 inches and also very chunky for a bass that small. My hubby caught 4 crappie, his largest was 10 inches and 2 bass, 14 inches and chunky. We went into Indiana which is only about 10 miles from home and fished the back waters of the Kankakee River. The leaves on the trees are changing and it was a beautiful day to be outdoors, especially because I was fishing. At home the ladybugs were everywhere. Those Japanese ones that bite. Makes being outside miserable. At the river there didn't seem to be any ladybugs ( for which I was eternally grateful ), but I did get one mosquito bite. Its supposed to be even nicer tomorrow and hubby wants to go fishing again, but i won't be joining him as its my bowling night and I can't miss that. After tomorrow its going to get cold again. But then again the sooner it gets good and cold the sooner I get to go ice fishing. WooHoo !!!!!

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