Friday, October 9, 2009


Hi everyone, so glad you joined me. As most of you can probably tell I am very very new to blogging but am excited to be here. Today my husband was off work so we were going to go fishing, and of course it started to rain as we were getting ready to go. Now I love to fish but when its 50 degrees out and raining I am not nearly as excited as usual to go. So instead of going fishing I made a wonderful diner of fish he caught 2 days ago. Yummy bluegill, probably the best tasting fish ever. The days are getting longer and colder so that will lessen our fishing outings until the lakes freeze. Then watch out. Get out the long johns and the ice shelter cause I'm going to hit the ice. I am usually the only female on the ice, and that's not so bad, cause when I out-fish the menfolk its the biggest rush ever. I actually started to fish when I was dating my future hubby and only went because I wanted to be with him and he loves to fish. Well it turns out so do I. But I certainly didn't know that at the time. Get in a boat and throw out a line, and truly its such quality time to spend with someone you love. Now its been 26 years of dating and marriage and we still spend tons of time out on the water. So once we got married we decided to have kids. I wanted sons because I figured they would love fishing as much as my husband and I do, and we were blessed with 2 wonderful sons. Guess what, they both hate to fish go figure. Thankfully they are both almost grown so we can still go fishing without them, as they are old enough to be left home. I do believe I am rambling so I will stop for now. Hope you all enjoyed my post and please feel free to add anything you wish.


  1. Thanks for your visit! I also love the old time rock 'n roll!

  2. I'm a mother of three horses and hate to mow the fields, but love to relax and watch the horses graze with my husband. I know live in Florida after my husband retired. The fishing is great down here come down and do some fishing with me Diane. I can say from working with you and being your boss you definitly are blunt,but truthful. I loved that! I miss you a want to go fishing with you again!!!