Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Ice Fishing Spot

Yesterday my husband went ice fishing, I didn't go because I had dinner to prepare, and frankly I was a bit apprehensive about the spot he had decided to go to. A back water of the Kankakee River. We have fished this spot in the warm weather but never on the ice. Ice on a river is never never a good place to go ice fishing, but this was a huge back water with just a tiny bit of flow. I told him that if he wasn't home by a certain time I would come looking for him. What a relief when he pulled into the driveway at the appointed time. He told me that the ice was very safe and thick. This relieved some of my anxiety about the safeness of the ice. Because this is a big backwater the flow at the back end of the area is very small. Now was it worth the possible risk of unsafe ice to go out there. I would say yes. He only fished for about an hour but did pretty good. He ended up catching a really big rock bass and 2 crappie. His first crappie of the ice fishing season and he was very encouraged. He also had what he believe to be 2 nice sized bass that broke off due to his 4 pound test line we usually use for ice fishing. So he relined 2 of our ice fishing poles with Stren Magnathin 10 pound test. I do believe we will be going back out there this afternoon when he wakes up ( he works nights and sleeps in the day). I am excited as well because I love to crappie fish. And a bass or two doesn't hurt either. So I will post again as to how we did. Happy Fishing All.

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